Cyber Threat Intelligence

You don’t know who I am, but I know all about you

The Cyber Threat Intelligence service designed by Abissi operates in the so-called "gray zone", through the use of a proprietary framework for searching for information on the Deep / Dark Web and from specific sources.

By cataloging and correlating this information, it is therefore possible to understand and track any threats in advance, allowing you to block any attacks in the bud, prepare "tailor-made" defenses, effectively nullifying their effects, identify fraud attempts with a "depth" and timing that no technology can offer today.

Given the exponential growth of interconnections on the Internet and the enormous volume of digital data (big data) produced by network users, the so-called Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) becomes a necessity for various organizations such as government departments, non-governmental organizations and companies. commercial companies that need valid support for vulnerability management, risk analysis and prompt response to incidents.

In this scenario, the Threat Intelligence (TI) proposed by Abissi, supports CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) and their corporate security teams, as well as SOC Providers (Security Operation Centers) in the following activities: