Cyber Security Testing

No chain is stronger than the weakest link


In the process of securing an IT infrastructure, various aspects regarding the Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test (VA-PT) come into play, which is a key service in this area.

With these mechanisms, a given technological system is tested and "exploited" to detect the presence of any flaws and vulnerabilities within it, that can be potentially critical if exposed and not controlled. It is therefore a process of fundamental importance that Abissi proposes with ad-hoc solutions to test the possible weak points of the company's technological infrastructure and know the degree of protection.

The activities performed by the Abissi Team provide an appropriate assessment of the impact on the business and appropriate suggestions relating to the repayment plan, according to the main standards and best practices:

OWASP v4 for Web Application analysis

OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide

ISECOM OSSTMM 3.0 for some security checks

NIST CSRC indicating IT security best-practice