Automotive | IoT Cyber Security

Efficient Risk Management for the Entire Life Cycle of Vehicles


In a high-tech environment, the "connection" is responsible for a whole set of new security problems. In particular, the explosive growth of the IoT and Automotive have significantly increased vulnerabilities and security problems, especially in the critical infrastructure sectors.

The innovative solution of Abissi brings together everything necessary to mitigate the risks of the ecosystem of "connected cars" also through the application of the ISO / SAE 21434 directives and offering visibility of the safety status with reports and in-depth graphics of the detected criticalities. automotive-iot-cyber-security

Even in the automotive world, guaranteeing the protection from security threats to all the important elements in the vehicle is crucial for security protection, not only in the context of Cyber Security but also for people who physically use these vehicles.

In this scenario, Abissi's activity aims to evaluate the protection of all the elements that revolve around the automotive ecosystem: this requires carrying out a real cybersecurity assessment, that is necessary to analyze possible threats and evaluate the associated risks, even those that are not directly related to electronic components. Think eg. to the safety certificates exchanged with the servers of the vehicle's parent company.

Today the vehicle is inserted in an interconnected context where, in addition to the driver and passengers on board, other elements interacting with it are involved: road infrastructure, traffic and navigation messaging, various software applications, component suppliers and in general the Cloud and IoT world. Every single part of this system must have an active role in Cyber Security.